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Hemingway’s Home in Cuba

Thanks Richard for sending this link about Ernest Hemingway’s home outside of Havana. The home and grounds are absolutely stunning in person, and this on-line quick tour with Mariel Hemingway  is fantatastico.

Good god, would I love to do this with Hunter’s home. I’m so ready to move and do this, but I can’t without causing a lot of family animosity. It’s killing me, and I’m coming-this-close-to making a public plea for help –from you. 

It’s very common for the children of the fist marriage to attack the current wife of any man, so no need to take it personally. But this situation is so over the top, it’s sad. 

To see some shots of the outside of Owl Farm, go to the Gonzo Foundation .org and click on "Owl Farm."

We love you Hunter, wherever you are.


Anita Thompson

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