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Hail To West Hollywood, and Fuck You, FICA

People have accused me of "not being very nice" to Hollywooders. First of all, that isn’t true — I’ve said a lot of nice things about many of them– and second, I am Singing huge praises today to West Hollywood…

They are the first municipality to set in place an official ban on fur sales. Although it’s only for clothing (people will still be able to buy mink couches, for example) it’s a beautiful step in the right direction. Hot Damn.

A gross sort of man, Keith Kaplan, who heads the so called "fur information counsel"  is crying that it will cost jobs. Really? You mean the minks and foxes are going to get fired? Fuck you, Keith Kaplan. And Fuck you, FICA.

Hail to the West Hollywooders,

Your friend in Woody Creek,

Anita Thompson

P.S. yes, FYI, I was kidding about the hacking of the website. My brother, in charge of the new design, said I’m one to talk, given all the typos and grammaticos on my blog. Yes, good point, Peter. xoxo




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