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checking in

Hello! Good morning! It’s early and I hope my marbles are together enough to say Thank You properly. My brother Peter, along with Jim Caruso and countless friends who have urged me to stop with the indulgent seclusion and CHECK IN.  I understand that you are paying attention to that atavistic endeavor to continue the idea of unadulterated TRUTH (with a Gonzo notion of real-time-FUN) to journalism  — and prompts me to say a heart-felt hello!

YOU are the ones to keep it on the agenda. I’ve never fancied myself a writer or journalist (in the same sphere as Hunter) am happy to say hello and chin-up and thanks for keeping the fire alive.

with the Xgames ON.. (Shaun White didn’t make the finals…. just ONE year out of the scene??? Yep. that’s how fast the sport is evolving — Talk about the winds of change! ).

Here is an interesting ESPN page @ journalist  Mary Buckheit, who caught my attention via ESPn archives because of her interest in the HISTORY and legacy of sports writing. Where is she now? light-years from where she was when she wrote the sweet (no worries about the historic misreads — I’ve done it countless times).


The Superbowl is Feb. 6th.

Dale Earnhardt‘s son, Dale Earnhardt Jr. was forced or obliged  (you know what I mean — I can only imagine how proud his father is of him) to make yet another statement about his father….

yes, the Xgames are the center of attention this week in our backyard that is Aspen, Colorado. Sports are high priority…

Why not go back a few steps to look at  Ms. Buckheit’s words just a few years ago?

True I don’t stay up as late as I used to, I’m not as devoted to the blog. But I am interested more than ever in the future of Journalism in light of Hunter’s legacy. 

Cheers. Your friend in Woody Creek,

Anita Thompson

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