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Gonzo Foundation Seminar and more updates

Hello! Although it’s bedtime here (or sunrise in a few hours)Thanks everyone who participated in the first Gonzo Foundation seminar. it was indeed a success. yes, I plan to host more — perhaps once a month. Although I love staying up late with a silent phone, I wanted to say thanks to Rory for posting and making the video available  before I call Mr. Tambourine man. With so much going on here, I was waiting for the DVD to be sent to my mailbox. Ashley, Greg and the rest of the crew at the local TV station have been great. Cheers to Grassroots — and especially to George Stranahan and Michael Owsley who lead the discussion. So, thank you Rory for the link….And grassroots TV station.

After watching Wayne Ewing’s "Animals Whores and Dialogue," everybody stayed late, and Ralph Steadman’s "Weird and Twisted Nights" playing on the speakers had Julie and the girls dancing in the kitchen. 

As for Septmber, Flying Dog’s Jim Caruso has arranged for an evening of Gonzo Foundation Bliss in NYC on Sept 23,24 25th to toast to more American literature, journalism and Political activism. more Details TK.

 In the meantime, hello to Lars Ramberg who lit up the Aspen Art scene via The Aspen Art Museum’s commission of "Restless Empathy" exhibit. Where’s the link? let me find it. It was a fabulous show and his study of Aspen’s history lead him to create a dozen masterpiece benches with Hunter’s quotes to ever-so-slightly remind us of our past, present and future…. here’s the link

 And welcome famed editor Shelby Sadler who will be arriving tomorrow to whip me into Woody Creeker Spirit.

Good night!

Anita Thompson

p.s. Thank you everyone who kept your vmails brief and courteous. Morgan and I will get back to you within a few days. some of you did not leave phone numbers or contact info, fyi. So if you don’t hear back, that’s why. It would take us weeks to try to line up caller ID with messages. So, try again.

The writing competition will be announced in Dc in the fall. American Gonzo the new order. Very exciting. If you have a love of truth in your heart and dedication to the craft of writing in your mind, we want you. Book contract for the winner on the horizon. the plan is for the gonzo family to grow literature, journalism and activism long after we’re gone. Your kids will take the lead soon. Selah! As Tim Mohr put it, parachutes abound!


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