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Hunter S. Thompson: Animals, Whores and Dialogue by Wayne Ewing

After a lovely fried green tomatoes lunch with beautiful Nancy and Pamela and then dinner with Lynn Goldsmith of margaritas (hmmm, no wonder I didn’t get any work done today!), a fine box of the newly released Film by Emmy award winning Gonzo film Wayne Ewing: "Animals, Whores, and Dialogue."was waiting for me at Owl Farm  when my when I pulled in. My dear friend and guardian Cameron Leonard are watching it now.

I’ve seen it once before with Wayne and Jennifer Erskine during production at Wayne’s Polo Ranch, sharing a box of tissues. But watching it now, here in the kitchen, where the heart of Hunter lives and the story takes place — with Hunter’s typewriter that has our handwritten label across his typewriter: "Animals, Whores and Dialogue" sitting in front of me under a protective cover,  brings it home in a way I can’t quite explain right now.


So I called Wayne to thank him for sticking with Hunter for those decades on behalf of all of us and you, who learn from and cherish his work, and being on that same strange wavelength. More on that later. if you watch the film you’ll understand more of what it was to BE IN THE KITCHEN, not for the ride, but for the work. You will also understand what Hunter meant by "Politics is the art of controlling your environment….. and especially why "We is the most important word in politics…" 


Selah! Thank you Wayne. and thank you our sweet Hunter.

lots of love from Owl Farm,

Anita Thompson

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