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If You Get Knocked Down Get Up Again

it’s late. going to bed. but wanted to leave you with a few lyrics.

Well, I ain’t a gonna grieve no more, no more/Ain’t a gonna grieve no more, no more/Ain’t a goonna grieve no more./ … We’re gonna notify your next of kin,/You’re gonna raise the roof until the house falls in./ If you get knocked down get up again,/ We ain’t gonna grieve no more./…We’ll sing this song all night long,/ Sing it to my baby from midnight on./ She’ll sing it to you when I’m dead and gone,/Ain’t a-gonna grieve no more.

Tell me, tell me. who wrote these lines? tell me in the morning. lots of love to you on Memorial day. Remember…. Your friend, Anita Thompson

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