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Sinning In L.A. Inspired by Hunter

HI there. Just received a link from a jounalist I spoke to a few months ago about Ancient Gonzo Wisdom. After leaving a main-stream media outlet in L.A., Alex Storch and his partner launched an alternative razor edge magazine to report on events that would probably never get published by mig-media lawyer vetting publishers. I admire their courage and no doubt Hunter is pleased, wherever he is.  I really dig Alex Storch’s opening:

So what if the score is against me? I’ve been on the battlefield for a long time. I suppose I always will be–just my nature.”  — Hunter S. Thompson

These are the words of Hunter S. Thompson which close Ancient Gonzo Wisdom, and I’m reminded of them as I’m standing in the corner of an art gallery, fresh from an argument. There are places and times for things, and though I may not be particularly tactful at times, I don’t belabor points. I’ve never been able to shuffle things beneath the surface, and I’m terrible at cards. This fact has been repeated to me during the row, even though I’ve never played the person opposite at any game. Of anything.

This book of wisdom that I’ve spent this last few weeks of my life with is a collection of The Good Doctor’s interviews with various journalists, as well as groups of students, throughout his career. “He was the same on stage as he was in the kitchen, which was something I loved about him,” said Anita Thompson, who edited the book. “He was a teenage girl trapped in the body of an elderly dope fiend. whether he was by his typewriter or in front of 3,000 people.” With many turns as well as consistencies, the book provides a look at the man behind the typewriter.


The site is full of great stuff and I look forward to seeing more from Alex and his crew. all the best to you guys.


Anita Thompson


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