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Oh, Thank You!

It’s been  dumping snow here in the Rockies for the last 48 hours and the fireplace at Owl Farm has been raging all the while. Besides the festive look of the flakes falling by the foot outside the window, the beauty is in the silence. But it’s been a busy world inside Owl Farm and on my laptop.

Along with the much needed snow, came a link to a LA Times article from my darling neighbor Ann Owsley : Adam Tschorn wrote an elegant description of Hunter’s gonzo symbol worn by Johnny Depp. Adam, whoever you are, thank you. You’ll be getting a box from the Gonzo Santa!

To add to the Yuletide spirit, I received the most beautiful book by our beloved George Stranahan. I’ve been reading the gorgeous stories by the fire and will be posting a review on Huffpo along with Chip Comins Copenhagen updates. Forces are at work all over the world to make it a better place. Thank you, thank you, thank you and thank you.

And more birthday news: along with Jackie Friedman, Hal Haddon last week, my mom’s birthday yesterday and Kevin McGreevy’s today. Now that’s a sparkling Sagittarius family.

Your friend, sitting by the fire,

Anita Thompson


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