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Go Colts! Go Colts! and Thank You John Oates!

Hi there. Hope you enjoyed –or survived –the holiday. Me? I actually had a great holiday with my 11-year-old nephew, Zack, who snowboarded like a pro.

Anyway, before we settle down to watch our beloved Colts do their thing today, I wanted to thank John Oates for a fabulous Belly Up show last night Steve Goldberg, Michael Goldberg, Gayle Golding, Jackie Friedman made a great holiday night.  And Aimee (Oates) where were you?  okay, Here’s a link to my write-up for Huffington Post.

Next, we’ll settle down with George STranahan’s journey to the heart of the human predicament, and also ponder why Bill Ritter is taking money away from children in K-12 schools. 


Cheerio! Anita Thompson

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