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GonzoStore Update

Peter B (your friendly Gonzo Webmaster) here with a long awaited update from GonzoStore.  GonzoStore now offers a limited edition Gold and Silver Gonzo Logo Lapel Pin. This 3D gold and silver collector’s pin is limited to 500 numbered casts. In addition to the pin, GonzoStore also has a limited supply of archive issues of the Woody Creeker magazine – both the Spring 2008 and the Democratic Convention (Fall 2008) issues. All three items are in limited supply, but available. pin-3wc.jpg

 I couldn’t finish a blog post without mentioning election related issue: voter registration numbers are breaking records in states around the country this year, but thousands of eligible voters have still not registered to vote.   The deadline for mailing in registration applications in 21 states was this past Monday, October 6th. If you’re a new voter, be sure to mail your application on time!.  The deadline in Nevada, Rhode Island, South Carolina and the Virgin Islands is Saturday, the 4th. Alaska’s deadline was the 5th.  The remaining state deadlines are scattered throughout October.  Eight states allow registration on the same day as the election, in case you forget to register beforehand. Those states are: Idaho, Iowa, Maine, Minnesota, Montana, New Hampshire, Wisconsin and Wyoming.  North Dakota is the only state that doesn’t require voters to register in order to cast a ballot. (thanks to Kim Zetter on the Wired blog for the info).

 -Pete B 

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