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Curiouser and Curiouser…

This morning I left the convent early to get to campus, and to check my email etc. Whenever I see an email from Ralph, my spirit is lifted, even if it’s a depressing topic. (this one on the current RNC which I have been TRYING to avoid)  

From over here the stakes look weird and unexpected. You wanted Hillary and it looks like, in the most perverse way, that Palin woman could win for McCain- in spite of 8 years of the most hideous presidency in living memory- a stumbling economy and a divisive Foreign Policy for the dumbest and silliest. I wouldn’t have known two weeks ago that you could get to here from there. It is almost like a conjuror’s Illusion and you look twice to see how the transformation took place. Beware the fickle! It’s as though party strategists have kept her ass cool on some floating iceberg up there in Alaska and produced her like a rabbit out of a hat. That’s entertainment and that is exactly the knack she has. It’s a trick but it’s a neat one.

Speaking as a bloke- albeit a Welsh one! I don’t find it hard to imagine armies of heavy-breathing guys from Maine down to Alabama and west across to Sacramento, already shifting their earlier resolve to get the Republicans out once and for all and saying the Hell with it. That’s for me and you can bring the old ‘un along too. He’s got a couple of years left in him and he can teach her as they go. Politics goes straight out the window- or maybe that IS the new politics. Politics and Sex! Just a few thoughts as I watch this Capitol Hill Circus regroup and change the shape of what was, up to last weekend, a ruinous Hurricane. There are still over 50 days to go so even more alarming things can happen. I am so sorry that Hillary and Barack wasted so much time and energy on egos.

Meanwhile, take care and I love you……. RALPHXXXX [more… from anita]

Dearest Ralph:

I’ve been living in the convent, and starting classes, so I try to stay away from the
political disaster right now. But I couldn’t help but check out the RNC and… oh lord,
that’s the perfect analogy, Rabbit out of a Hat!

Remember Bush Senior grabbed Condolezza Rice when she was just a Provost, and molded her
into part of the machine. But maybe it wasn’t so much a trick with Condi, but a long term
strategy? With Palin, a spectacular, yes TRICK, that is a thing of beauty for them if it
works. (would it have worked if Obamba picked Clinton as his running mate?) Who knows.

I had the sick feeling in my heart when Obama was making his over-the top acceptance
speech with fireworks, fcolumns and 86,000 people screaming that McCain "doesn’t get
it." Oh dear, I thought. McCain DOES get it.

It was an honor to see Obama make history as the first African-American to be
nominated for the spot. Could that heal some of our problems? But as the polls were
dropping, it was like watching Nero. As the Christians were  blamed for the fires, maybe Hillary
supporters will be blamed for this debacle too. who knows.

Hunter said it’s time for the Democrats to "go the way of the Whigs," who
managed to have THREE presidents in 2 decades — we’ve had barely TWO.  Teddible

Anyway, it is so great to hear from you. I was depressed after the convention, which was
actually a circus/ Fall Collection show with too many people. I didn’t write much, and
just wanted to get the hell out of there, and did. Despite the fact I was with good friends,

I missed Hunter every minute.

I’ve been thinking about you, and am happy to read your take on the situation.
You sound SOUND but very irritated that we could let this happen after 8 years of global
embarrassment, let alone global destruction. You’re waitng for us to do the right thing,
but it ain’t looking good.

On a positive note… you should be receiving a box of Woody Creeker soon. Your cover and
article are FANTASTIC. Everybody is in a tizzy about it. It’s already a collector’s item.
I didn’t pass many out at the convention b/c they were getting lost in the million other
magazines and pamphlets. So now, they’re being snatched up in Aspen by the Music
Festival/ Bob Dylan crowd, and even the obscenely rich crowd.

I’ll bring my laptop to campus tomorrow to open your artwork. I can’t wait to see some
inspiring God-Art! Although I’m a long way away from ever being a good Christian, I LOVE
living at the convent. We don’t have internet, and cellphones are not allowed. Total
silence after 9pm. As you walk by the nuns in the hallways, they smile and say nothing.
Very peaceful, which only makes me love NYC even more when I step out of the nunnery
gates. I guess that is what Hunter would call "balance." But I’ll move into an apartment soon. 

I have a few pieces of your artwork that you’ve emailed in storage to put on the walls. Always
cheers me up to see my brother’s art on the wall.

How are the kids and the baby? Anna must be thrilled to to have a full house, and
hopefully some help too, running the place. Please send everyone my love. Talk soon.




Your Friend in St. Agnus in NYC,

Anita Thompson

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