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Heaven’s Angels

Guess what? The exam went really well actually yesterday, despite a soar throat and fever..(3 hrs of sleep will do that  to me now). So, today  I’m a happy camper.

I’m also a happy camper because I’ve decided to live in, and probably write about a convent in NYC. I grew up catholic, but practiced a form of buddhism for years, and now practice a form of meditative yoga, and thought, hell, why not get to know my birth religion and its sisters a little better?  I Have not been accepted to the convent yet, but will hear soon. I’ll still be the Anita you know (I’m not turning into a nun). They have a vow of silence after certain hours, which is exactly what is necessary for my Fall semester which is JAM PACKED and I need to study. And if Hunter could hang with  Hell’s Angels for a while, I can hang with Heaven’s Angels for a while too, and dig it!

Anyway, darling Brandon just transcribed some never-before published words by Hunter that will be included in Ancient Gonzo Wisdom.  This book  is fantastic — more unpublished material than any book on the market since Hunter’s last book. We are very fortunate to have found so many obscure  interviews from 1967-2005.  Looking Great!


Here’s a clip:

Ancient Gonzo Wisdom: Interviews with Hunter S. Thompson

*Manuscript additions – August 1, 2008

Interview with Peter Gzowski on 90 Minutes Live – April 12, 1977 Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Peter Gzowski: Welcome Back. Even though a lot of journalists are acquiring a kind of stardom of their own these days, its pretty rare when one of them becomes, even in the eyes of his most devoted readers or followers, almost more interesting himself than the people and the events that he writes about. One such person is my next guest. He’s the author that went to live with the Hells Angels of California and then in the pages of Rolling Stone magazine turned the same kind of eye on American and world politics. Would you welcome him, please – Dr. Hunter S. Thompson.

Gzowski: Doctor…

HST: Doctor, thank-you, yes.

Gzowski: You call yourself a doctor when you write…

HST: Well I’m a doctor.

Gzowski: A doctor of?

HST: Divinity.

Gzowski: Who gave you a doctor of divinity?

HST: I worked for it… in night school.

Gzowski: Did you really?

HST: Yeah… Oh, it’s true. The Catholic Church in Aspen challenged my authority to perform marriages but they lost… and the priests lucked out.

P.S. I want to say some nice things about William McKeen’s book that just came out. I can’t get logged on to amazon for some reason. But if some could please post this on MCKeen’s site on Amazon, I’d be most grateful!

Of all the "Biographies" about Hunter that have come out in the last year, this is definitely  the best. William was a friend to Hunter, had an academic history with him, and his book shows his interest in Hunter’s work, more so than just tawdry gossip. It has far fewer inaccuracies than the others. William also managed to put out the book while dealing with his own health issues. So Huge congratulations to him. As Hunter’s wife, I highly recommend this book to you!


until next time, your friend,

Anita Thompson

morning update: Thanks Rory Feehan for posting on Amazon for me!

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