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A Toast To You Hunter

Hi! We are winding down from a lovely evening with friends and family at Owl Farm standing around the semi-legal bonfire and ultimate Lunar Eclipse toasting to our sweetheart.  Thanks sweetie. We toasted to your spirit Hunter, which is strong as ever.


I meant to check in earlier, but much has been happening. Yesterday was a dark and depressed day for me, preparing for the 3rd anniversary. Let’s just say I wasn’t handling it very well yesterday, until I heard the kind of news that couldn’t get any better:  My nephew Ridley, 9 lbs, was born 16 hours ago. Congratulations to our webmaster Peter B and Sarah. A new life came at a good time this year. Hunter was so good for young people not for his lifestyle, but for setting an example that you can do what you want in life, be fulfilled and not have to sell out to the greedheads. He got away with it, and we love you and admire you for it Hunter.


I’m a little sleepy and giddy from drinking Hunter’s favorite biffs.  But, I think you’ll appreciate the following wisdom:                                                                




PLAYBOY: What if the unthinkable happened and Hunter Thompson went to Washington as a Senator from Colorado? Do you think you could do any good?



HST: Not much, but you always do some good by setting an example — you know, just by proving it can be done.


Until next time, your friend,

Anita Thompson




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