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My Life Is Better Than Your Vacation

At the end of this decade no one will be sure of anything except that you must obey all the rules, sex will kill you, politicians lie, rain is poison, and the world is run by whores. These are terrible things have to know in your life, even if you’re rich. 

A doomsday kind of thinking has taken over the media, as it has business and politics:” I’m going to turn you in, son – not for your own good, but because you’re the bastard who turned me in last year.”

This vilification by Nazi elements within the media has not only given me a fierce joy to continue my work – more and more alone out here, as darkness falls on the barricades – but has also made me profoundly orgasmic, mysteriously rich, and constantly at war with those vengeful retro-fascist elements of the Establishment that have hounded me all my life.  It has made me wise, shrewd and crazy on a level understood only by those who have been there.

— Hunter S. Thompson, from a 1994 interview with Kevin Simonson

I’m not going to comment on politics today because Hunter just did it better than I ever could. 

And, yesterday, I was reminded, once again, of why I love living here.  Hunter caught sight of Owl Farm 40 years ago and never let go. Here’s one example of why:  Throwing snowballs in the front yard yesterday with Athena, we were stopped by the sight of nine snow-beds made by deer who had spent the night before, 5 feet away from the peacock pen – right outside the living room window. When the snow gets deep, (it’s about four feet high now) the elk or deer come down from the high country to visit the ‘hood. This herd consisted of nine healthy deer.  I slept through this visit, but so many nights Hunter and I were awake to witness them come up to the house, silently in the moonlight, together, pushing snow out of the way with their hooves, eating the frozen grass, then nestling down in the safety of their freshly made snow beds. They’re peaceful, silent and rare. It’s like being blessed by 450 pound angels.

Unlike Aspen, the herds of elk and deer are still welcome in the Woody Creek natural environment which Hunter called a Peaceable Kingdom.  Anyway, I woke up refreshed and happy to know the deer made this recent visit – all is well in the world. No need to wig out on politics today.

Sean Groover, one of Aspen’s most sought after fly-fishing guides often says to his high rolling clients that “my life is better than your vacation.”  Yep.

So, wherever you are, go outside, and take a look at some wildlife. Even Teddy Roosevelt, as you will learn from Doug Brinkley’s upcoming book, found time to do it constantly, despite his busy schedule even in the city…  There’s nothing like Mother Earth and her creatures to bring you back to life, right?

Eeek, I’m getting sentimental. So I’ll sign off.

Until next time, your friend living it up with the elk, peacocks, dogs, cats, hawks, bald eagles, winter fish, Owls, lots of mice and nine deer,

Anita Thompson

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