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dancing in the sun (in subzero weather)

Peter B here with a few updates.

Anita is sick in bed right now trying to get well to make it to the 2008 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah for the premiere of Gonzo: The Life and Work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson.  She decided to wait and see it for the first time with Hunter’s fans at the premiere, and attend the opening dinner party with the crew. The film is directed by award winning director and movie producer Alex Gibney. She said Gibney and his staff are first-rate and looks forward to the event. Johnny Depp does narrate.

Depp wears the Gonzo pendant on the cover of Rolling Stone this month*, and (according to internet buzz) should be nominated for an Oscar later next week.  Hopefully the WGA strike will be over by the time the Academy Awards telecast hits the airwaves (unlikely, but we can all hope).

I think this is a good moment for a quote from Hunter on creativity.  It’ll be hard to beat last week’s chainsaw-to-the-nuts quote in terms of sheer impact, but this one comes from 2002 RE writing and finishing Kingdom of Fear.

Creativity, when it’s going well, doesn’t feel like work.  Creativity gone wrong, feels like bad, hard work.
-Dr Hunter S Thompson 11/21/2002


Have a good weekend.

-Peter B

* I’ve been getting a lot of emails recently inquiring about the necklace that Johnny wears on the cover of January’s Rolling Stone.  Due to high demand since the RS hit newstands, we will be stocking similar pieces on GonzoStore soon.  We may also stock limited quantities of precious metal (silver or gold)  – shoot me an email (gonzowear@gmail.com) if you have interest in one for a valentine’s day gift for someone special or something.

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