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Writers in Dallas

Goodnight from Dallas. Just wanted to check in to let you knwo that Thea Temple’s  Writer’s Garret event went really well. Lawyer Bridget Blinn, a board member of the Garret, picked me up from the airport and we went straight to Paperbacks Plus. Thea told a great story about picking George Plimpton up for the same event in 2002 and almost crashing in an ice storm. My trip was delayed only by wind storms at Laguardia. We were greeted with festive horns and cheers from fellow writers who had been drinking and eating for the previous hour and were packed into the upstairs rooms of the bookstore. I was introduced by Michael Granberry of the Dallas Morning News who told a great story about his time with Hunter sitting by the Watergate hotel pool in 1973.  The questions were wonderful including a whole range of subjects relating to Hunter, politics and sports writing. It was refreshing to be in a part of the country I’m not used to visiting to in a room full of writers. I’m reminded what all writers have in common: the love for fellow writers. I peeked into a class in progress on creative fiction too, which was fun. Although I’ve never fancied myself a writer, despite the fact I have written a book, I savored the time with them to be able to talk about Hunter.

 Okay, I’m signing off to get some rest before a morning CBS local TV show tomorrow. Either here or in Austin, can’t remember — will let you know.

 I wish I had the energy to write some wisdom from Virginia Woolf that I read today on the plane.  Soon come….

For now, sweet dreams from Dallas,

Anita Thompson

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