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Good News Reaches Owl Farm

Good News Weekend Indeed! I’m back home and am relishing in the gorgeous open space and white snow.

Our boys, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, won the NFC South.  Congratulations to our friend, Paul Kelly and the whole team 
More good news comes from The Des Moines Register  http://blog.washingtonpost.com/thefix/2007/12/the_register_endorsement_how_c_1.html


The above link is to a Washington Post blog article about Hillary’s

latest and most important endorsement.  This is very, very good news for the Clinton campaign.


The bad news comes only from that flabby looking guy Joe Leiberman.  My writing teacher, Jon Kenneth Williams, had this to say about Lieberman’s endorsement in an email to me this morning with this link:

"Vile warmonger Joe Lieberman has endorsed John McCain, that twisted,
sanctimonious fucker.  May they both rot in hell."


Today’s Hunter wisdom is from a quote from one of my notebooks that he said here in the kitchen several years ago:

 “Joe Lieberman is the only man I know who is a Jew and a Nazi at the same time…”

— Hunter S. Thompson, the moment Bush handed the pen to Leiberman during USA Patriot Act signing

Until next time, your friend, back in the Rockies,

Anita Thompson



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