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Auld lang syne, my dear…

Happy New Year!

2007 wraps to a close and we face a New Year.   Anita sent me an email early this morning to let you know she wishes everyone a Gonzo New year.  She ended her email with a line that I thought I should share –

"Wow.  2008.  Whether we like it or not, it’s time to move on to a new year…This morning I asked Michael Owsley and George Stranahan if they were ready for a New Year. Michael said he prefers to stick with what he knows. I laughed. Yep, time to move on to something new…"

Ralph Steadman sent some photographs this morning of a guitar he branded with his characteristic artwork.  Ralph did this guitar for charity.  Click one of the thumbnails below to see the photos of the "Rock Slob Rock" guitar by Steadman!  The last photo is the guitar case featuring a certain journalist.

It is done.  There is no turning back. That’s GONZO!!  . . . Have a Happy New Year
-Ralph Steadman

 steadman guitar slob  steadman's guitar slob steadman guitar slob steadman guitar slob  steadman guitar slob case

2007 has been a long, tiring and somewhat odd year.  Some of the events that transpired in ’07 were unbelievable, some were shocking, and we lost a few good friends.  The economy continued to take a nosedive and is set to drag the rest of the world with it, and the long trek to the White House began… and the once again, majority of America was fixated on the wrong things entirely. 

CNN reported an author scolding Nightline "You guys are just covering — what do they call it — the scream of the peacock, and you’re missing the whole fox hunt.’ Like waterboarding [or] where all the money went that we poured into Iraq. It just seems to disappear.  And yet you get this coverage of who’s gonna get custody of Britney’s kids? … You’ve got these things going on … that could affect all of us, and instead, you see a lot of this back-fence gossip."

Now I’ve been tasked by Anita to convey some of Hunter’s wisdom in this blog, and as I scan through a (very long) list of quotes from Anita’s upcoming quote book, as well as from Hunter’s published works, a number of them caught my eye as appropriate for this post.  One was a quote on creativity that would pair nicely with Ralph’s artwork, but it will have to wait for the New Year.  I leave you with a quote from Hunter circa July 2002.  Take this quote and think about it as the clock sweeps into a new year.

"It’s our country, we should take it back from these swine”
-Hunter S. Thompson 07/17/02

 Happy New Year.
-Peter B

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