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Your Questions

Hi. The booksigning tonight at McNally Robinson was a good event and I had a nice dinner with friends after the talk. Wisdom for today is from The Proud Highway, where Hunter wrote about New York thus:

Living in New York is like discovering life all over again.  In all seriousness, living here has been like waking up in an endlessly fascinating and completely different world from everything I’ve ever known…

…New York is at once an education, an initiation, and a stimulant.  It gives one a perspective, I think, that would be impossible to get anywhere else in the world.  But god have mercy on those who can live with this perspective.

–Hunter S. Thompson in 1958, Proud Highway

Those of you who have read the AP story by Dan Elliot, along with Betsy Rothsteins’ article in the Hill, with worries about the documents that were found near Hunter’s body and photos of the scene, I will try to addressed in the near future. I am doing my best to find out what happened that day and evening before my husband’s death. Yes, those of you who also loved Hunter have a right to know what really happened, and when I know more, I will share that information with you. It has been very difficult for me to get answers about the photos I recently received from the scene. As Hunter’s wife, I am trying to maintain a balance of healing, peace with the family, which is very important to me, while getting answers to some very disturbing discoveries made by the deputies. The Sheriff, perhaps because he was too distraught at the loss of his dear friend, was unable to do an investigation at the time regarding the "codicil" found in the son’s handwriting, and the bizarre check cashed immediately after, and other issues. This is not an easy task in this delicate environment. So please be patient.  But yes, I have unanswered questions and am persuing them, while trying to maintain peace. Then hopefully, we can put the issue to rest.

Your friend,

Anita Thompson





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