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Owl Farm NORML Party for Hunter

Hello! The NORML Party this weekend was a success. I hosted 60 criminal defense lawyers and their spouses and 2 dozen other serious Hunter lovers who drove from all over the country to spend some special time at Owl Farm.  My friend, brilliant Criminal Defense Attorney Jeralyn Merritt, who is also the host of talkleft.com gave a great description of the party on her blog via the Supranos final episode hour. Her blog is the best in Colorado for keeping you up to date on what’s happening in the crime and political world in a serious and fun way. I highly recommend her to you.

Hunter’s Spirit was alive and lit up the hearts of all the Hunter readers who made their pilgrimage to Owl Farm on Sunday. Jimmy Ibbotson, Bobby Mason and other good friends played.  Tommy Chong even got on the stage and played. It was fun. I asked Tommy to ring the Gong at 4:20. He walked up with a sweet smile and rang that thing with an echo down the Woody Creek Valley. It was indeed a special day. 

 One student from Florida State who runs the NORML chapter (doing their part to end the prohibition of marijuana which ensnares so many young people into the criminal justice system) asked me if he could take a small jar of Owl Farm Soil.  I’m happy he is bringing some of the Owl Farm spirit back to Florida with him.

 I hope you had a great weekend. I’m off to the doctor (I got sick yesterday after the post-partum clean up.) I’m never sick long breathing the Owl Farm air.

 The HST wisdom for today comes from a letter that Hunter wrote to Keith Stroup about the criminal defense lawyers who came to his aid when Hunter was wrongly accused of all sorts of things in the early nineties.  I is from Songs of the Doomed.  I included it in the invitation booklet:

Suddenly I had my own gang. My own army, my people, my friends, my warriors… They came from all points of the compass and all points in time, and we stomped on the terra like champions.  It was something to see, folks, and beautiful to be a part of…

And yes… there is more to this hellish story, but the magazine is going to press and Keith is going crazy, so I have to quit now; But  the tale is not finished.  All I can say now is Thanks, once again.  You boys are OK when you get the right music to dance to, and I was proud and goddamn happy for the chance to dance with you.

— Hunter S. Thompson, Songs of the Doomed.

Okay. Until next time, your friend,

Anita Thompson


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