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The American Dream

Remember the dandelion fields I was telling you about?  They have now turned into fields of silver fluff balls.  Playing catch with Athena has become that much more interesting.  As she runs back to me, the white fluff balls explode behind her into what looks like huge plumes of floating fairy dust.  It is sureal. And it’s also nice to know that next year, there will be that many more dandelions. 

Today I’d like to post a quote from a book I pulled off the shelf yesterday as I was cleaning the house. The house got pretty dusty since I spent the last two semesters in New York. But, I’m doing it all now. Tomorrow, the two Aspen mayoral candidates Mick Ireland and Tim Semrau will have it out in the living room in front of the local TV and radio stations.  It should be fun. I’ll also give you a report. It is the first political debate I’m hosting at Owl Farm, so I’m working hard to make it a success.

Anyway, here is a quote from the book, “the Quotable Richard M. Nixon:”

…I believe in the American dream, because I have seen it come true in my own life.

      —Richard Nixon

Until next time, your friend,
Anita Thompson

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