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A Gonzo Moon

There are some major plate tectonics happening in Woody Creek.  The Woody Creek Community Center construction is now officially underway and the Woody Creek Tavern is changing ownership tomorrow. There were two simultaneous parties in Woody Creek today — one at the Tavern and one at the WC Center.  Everybody was sparkling and feeling a bit odd. So, in the spirit of Woody Creek, I posted a portion of an interview with Ed Bradley about Hunter and Woody Creek at the end of today’s blog. 

Did you feel a little mischievous today? Like you wanted to get together with friends and commit a crime or two?  If you DID commit the crime and are worried if you are losing your grip, don’t worry. I have good news. It’s just the blue Gonzo Moon. This month’s second full moon in Sagittarius  will connect in a trine to Mars and conjuncts lucky Jupiter as it sweeps into the evening sky — and those are two very lucky aspects. Green light at the end of the dock is flashing bright and beautiful if you know what I mean. So, cut off the traces and have a little fun.

And don’t forget to toast to our loved ones on the other side.  

 Here is an interview of Ed Bradley by a gonzo lawyer: the entire interview can be read on the woodycreeker.net

Hal Haddon: The Woody Creek Caucus has taken a stand against several provisions of the Patriot Act.  Is that basically just whistling into the wind or does the voice of the Woody Creek Caucus get heard outside of this valley?

Ed Bradley: You know, I don’t think the president hears it.
Hal Haddon: Does he hear anything?

Ed Bradley: They just passed a revised version of the Patriot Act so I don’t think the Woody Creek Caucus has much influence. But, you know, we need the Woody Creek Caucus and caucuses all over this country to make our voices heard, and I think that what the Woody Creek Caucus says and does, whether it’s heard or not, is important. I think it’s whatever your belief is. Whatever your political beliefs are, it’s the system to express yourself—express those beliefs, and if you’re opposed to the system to rail against the system. That’s the American way and that was Hunter’s way and that’s the Woody Creek way.

Hal Haddon: Hunter talked about an organization that may or may not be mythical called the Woody Creek Rod & Gun Club, and he said it was so secret that people would only meet in the dark to maintain maximum anonymity. Hunter said you were a member. So I guess my question is—if you wouldn’t be breaching the oath of the Woody Creek Rod & Gun Club—did that organization exist and what did it do?

Ed Bradley: I refuse to answer on the grounds that it may tend to incriminate me.




Until next time, your friend,

Anita Thompson

 p.s. I’m flying to NYC tomorrow to be part of book expo. Hope it’s fun.  Will let you know.

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