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Dick Cheney and a Blog Reader

Here is an email from a blog reader, Matt, I’m not sure where you’re from, but hopefully you wont mind me sharing your email and article. I like that you keep up with Hunter’s world. Although they are often very sweet, I don’t typically post blog emails,  but this one has a great link and I have to wake up in a few hours to get ready for an early class.  But I will check in later in the afternoon with some HST wisdom.

Your friend, Anita Thompson

Hello Anita, and all of the people who handle the Owl Farm Blog…

Since I know you like to keep in the true Hunter spirit of keeping up with/posting about politics, I thought I’d send you this CNN article if you’ve not seen it yet. At least Bush admits mistakes in 11th hour when it’s not useful to do so. This article is absolutely astonishing, even for Cheney. Pour yourself a bourbon before you read it. Much love for all of Woody Creek, and all that you do for us fans,

Matt Brough


Dick Cheney link above:

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