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1am Love Affair


Living in New York is like discovering life all over again.  In all seriousness, living here has been like waking up in an endlessly fascinating and completely different world from everything I’ve ever known…

…New York is at once an education, an initiation, and a stimulant.  It gives one a perspective, I think, that would be impossible to get anywhere else in the world.  But god have mercy on those who can live with this perspective.

–Hunter S. Thompson in 1958, Proud Highwa

So I left Columbia’s Butler Library tonight about 12:30am and was at my subway stop on Broadway by 12:45.  As I walked home, the scent of fresh bagels lured me into the H&H bagel shop. They were baking their nightly bagels… by the thousands!!  This is a nightly ritual that has been going on for decades. They’ve been rated the #1 bagel in New York year after year because their bagels are “the softest and the sweetest.”  Well, at 1 in the morning, after a long day of homework and financial stress and emails, it was a magical moment in my love affair with New York.  Wow, a fresh bagel at 1am.  Many of you may be used to this, but it’s new to me, and I’m enjoying every morsel doused with poppy seed. Mmmhmm.   I love New York. And I love Hunter for bringing me here.


As promised, here is the link of the interview Hunter did with an Australian broadcast along with Walter Cronkite 4 years ago.  There are typos, yes. I think it’s because the transcriber couldn’t totally understand Hunter who had been up all night writing a column, then did the interview at 8 am Woody Creek time.  It’s a good one though. Enjoy.


Until Next time, your friend getting high off poppy seeds,

Anita Thompson



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