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Mountain Top


Hi there.  Sorry it’s taken me so long to post.

I’ve been up at Lynn Goldsmith’s mountain cabin  working on the manuscript, where the phone doesn’t ring.  It’s taking forever even though it’s beautiful up here at the top of Old Snowmass overlooking the entire mountain range that Hunter loved so much.  Below me I can see in the distance the red cliffs of Owl Farm and beyond, the Aspen Valley…Stunning, especially with the lightning and the cracking thunder. Very cool.
       As for this lawsuit that was filed against Hunter and his Estate, and the local publicity, yes, apparently all sorts of “perspectives” and “opinions” are slithering out from under rocks and the woodwork, finding their way into the local papers and even attacking me personally. I don’t have to worry about any of this, as Hunter already did the worrying. This is why he didn’t hire any of these pip-squeak thugs or drunks to run his estate after he was gone.  He hired Hal, George and Doug.  (bio links in my last entry)    

         Sorry if all of this seems cryptic, maybe it is.  I’ll fill you in with more detail soon. It will be fun.  But I gotta run…now.

        But I’ll leave you with some HST wisdom from Song’s of the Doomed.
It is from a letter to Keith Stroup of the NACDL (bio from NORML) after Hunter had been rescued by a team of lawyers at another time that he was frivolously charged (in 1991 with a serious crime.)  At one point, Hunter really worried that he was going to jail.  But: 
…Suddenly I had my own gang. My people, my friends, my warriors…They came from all points of the compass and all points in time, and we stomped on the terra like champions.  It was something to see, folks, and it was a beautiful war to be part of… Haddon stomped through the courtroom like one of the Gallo brothers mashing grapes, and Goldstein gave them nightmares at high noon just by sitting at the Defense table with that fine cheetah’s grin…

…With great respect and affection, I remain, your friend.

Dr. Hunter S. Thompson.   
And also… your friend (on the mountain top)
Anita Thompson

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