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Don’t ask me why the page layout is such. Let’s proceed as planned. 

The wisdom for today is something Hunter wrote in a letter in 1968 re: the book he was supposed to be working on about the death of  the "American Dream."  In Hunter’s letters discussing this manuscript are, in my opinion,  some of his best thinking and writing ever.  I have this bit with me here at the library.  It’s from a letter he wrote in 1968 about working on a story about Oil Shale mining in Colorado that he wanted to incorporate.

It’s going to take a vast amount of travel and brain twisting;  I have no idea what I’m going to write, but if nothing else I expect to learn a lot, and that’s the only part of writing I enjoy. The actual work  — the typewriter horrors – I approach with fear and loathing.

      Hunter S. Thompson, in a letter, 1968


Until tomorrow, your friend,

Anita Thompson  




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